Design Crasher builds on the success of Home Sweet Home

We are building an app experience that is not limited to the home, so it makes sense that our name reflects the new ideology. HomeSweetHome 3D will henceforth be called Design Crasher. Don’t worry though, it will still be the same great app that lets designers build, create, and team up with other designers around the world. Additionally, we have been working on updates that improve the experience of designing and interacting with other users. One goal has always been to give the app a cleaner look and we have finally been able to achieve that for users to enjoy.

When the update hits your phone, you will find an app that no longer has a red theme instead has a blue and green theme. We have also reorganized the design tools to give users more design space and a feeling of openness to spark creativity and imagination.

Our team has been working hard to perfect our new look and we cannot wait to see your response to the new chapter in our story. Stay tuned for new updates and do spread the word about our app!

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